Based in Wellington New Zealand, Sylvie Poupard-Gould and Joanna Shackel design and create pieces that tell a story and aim to stand the test of time. Extensive travel and exposure to different cultures has helped to inspire our eclectic view of fashion.

Sylver and Shackel pieces are hand-made from a variety of local and imported ingredients: Semi-precious stones are combined with sterling silver, fresh water pearls, as well as plated metals, fabrics, and most importantly: Rare vintage object sourced from estates and antiquaries around the world…Pieces are rescued from auctions, carefully curated and re-worked into a style that is contemporary and timeless.

Our philosophy: We feel strongly about creating interesting and unique accessories that are not determined by the whims of the fashion world. Designs need to be timeless, so that women continue to be inspired time and again. We are amused, certainly, as well as inspired by certain trends ... but always with our own twist!

We hope you enjoy....