Sylver and Shackel  jewellery is mostly handmade, size & colour may vary slightly from what is pictured on the website.

When not wearing it,  lay your jewellery flat and store in a soft lined box or a pouch. Try to keep pieces apart so they don't rub together, and be sure to remove your jewellery if in contact with delicate fabrics as they may catch and snag.





  • Keep silver jewellery away from harsh chemicals as these create scratches that can reduce the life of the piece. Tarnishing may occur if the jewellery is not cleaned regularly, in very humid conditions or in contact with chemicals (perfume/cleaning products/deodorant). Simply polish with a soft silver cloth or with a professional jewellery cleaning product. Always read the label. It is not recommended that you use silver dip as this can be very harsh on small delicate pieces.
  • Do not go swimming wearing your jewellery as chlorine and salt water can cause damage to all metals and accelerate degradation.
  • Avoid wearing while cleaning, gardening, and playing sports.


Some of our pieces contain 16ct gold plating. Like all plated metals, these need to be carefully looked after so as not to wear the plating too soon. To clean, use a soft cloth with mild diluted dishwashing liquid. Dry thoroughly. Do not let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume, deodorants or hairspray.  Do not wear your gold plated jewellery on a daily basis, that way you will enjoy it for much longer.